Tuesday, June 24, 2008

target card

here is another gift card I did for target stores (in stores now) . I got to make a plush bear which was photographed. above are some of the sketches I did before going to a final plush.
and here is how the final bear came out. (it's wearing a diaper)
I did the 'baby' text stitching seperatley.
and here is the final set up which they photographed.
I made that little green rug he sits on too.

Monday, June 23, 2008

shawnimals custom show

this friday june 27th is the opening of the plush form custom show, at rotofugi in chigcago. from 6-9 pm. (goodie bags for first 50 attandants!!) this is just a peek at my custom. I have a slew of art shows coming up very soon, and have updated my website with most of the show info. (a few other shows I forgot to list) but I'll always post info here leading up to the shows as well.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sugar rush show this saturday....

this saturday june 21st from 4-8pm, the girl show opens at monkey house toys in silverlake CA.  lauren faust will be doing a book signing opening night. show runs thru july 5th with another closing reception.  
this is my piece sundae bunny.
 that polka dot material is one of many great printed fabrics I got in japan.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

back from oaska

I had a great time in oaska, thank you to all my friends at dream ranch for taking such good care of us. good (new) food, and lots of fun!
these are the deer that guard nara park. they are so friendly you can walk right up and pet them. the park has been there for over a thousand years with generations of deer guarding it.

these giant statues were inside todaji temple.
I did 3 workshops while I was there, it was something I have never done before, challenging yet fun. I'll post the pattern and instructions later.
this is one of the display walls with my plush.
this is a 'Roo-tote' brand bag I designed. they collaborated with artists on a
mickey/minnie tote bag series.