Thursday, January 29, 2009

belt buckle!

keep your pants from sagging!
switcheroo produced this totally neato belt buckle I designed, and it will be released on friday feb. 13th at the switcheroo workshop.  the belt buckle was made by the amazing fully visual.
  you are invited to come join in the festivities, and special releases!! 
more info about the party at  switcheroo workshop coming soon. 
mark your calendars for friday feb 13th. pasadena CA.


Unknown said...

Is there ANY way I can get this online? I live in New Zealand! How much?! How?! Please!

Unknown said...

oh I love that! Fantastic-wish I had one!

burgerlog said...

yes they will be in retail stores after the show, i'll post them on this blog.

Kyle Poling said...

very cute design, love the dot pattern in the mane.

Hobo Divine said...

Love everything!
Adorable Hobo Sweater!
what is your French Bulldog's name?

so cute.

Zaff said...

sooo cute

love it

Fulanita said...

Of course you know this is enviously cool! You're so rad Anna Chambers. I wish I was you.