Monday, January 26, 2009

hobo doggie sweater #2

this is the continuation of the first hobo sweater. this one is super simple too, just requires a bit of sewing. I used the same sweatshirt from before.   this is not an exact pattern, but pretty close.   first I measured the length of the dog from neck to tail. and measured around his neck as well.  and then cut the sweatshirt material accordingly.  I used the ribbed sweatshirt waistband as what will become the collar of the dog sweater.
then I folded it in half, right sides together. marked the area for his arm holes and where I need to sew, from the bottom of his neck to the chest area of the sweater.  as you can see peanut is very excited to help!
below is the sweatshirt sewn, and with the arm holes cut.  I did a zig-zag stitch all the way around the outer side, and also stitched around the arm holes as well to prevent fraying.
and here is the final result:


Raque S said...

oh my!!!!

tirui said...

your doggy is just too cute. love the sweater!

Anonymous said...

hahhaha!! Lady, is Monsieur P. undercover to catch the neighborhood noisemakers?

Hollyrock said...

How cute! I need to make ones for Chuki and Coco. But they always manage to slip out of shirts. I think the tight collar is the key.

Scott Tolleson said...

PEANUUUUUUUUT! Are you really bringing him to the Switcheroo Show?

Jon said...

Your Frenchie Penut and his Hobo sweater are absolutely adorable!

Here is my Frenchie in his hobo sweater (not handmade):